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When seasoned hunters Think of their top 5 hunts, Marco Polo comes to mind. Kyrgyzstan, a spectacular mountainous country within the Tian Shan Mountain Range, offers great Marco Polo and Ibex hunting. The people of this country are very friendly and hospitable and there are no travel or safety concerns while visiting. We hunt some of the finest areas in Kyrgyzstan and provide a great hunting experience to a region that is a true wilderness experience!

Our hunting seasons for Marco Polo and Ibex are in October, November, and March and we recommend traveling through Istanbul with firearms on your way to Kyrgyzstan. After arriving in Bishkek you will begin your travels to base camp, where the elevation is between 10,000 and 13,000 feet and altitude sickness is rare given some acclimation at base camp. Hunts do involve quite a bit of horseback riding and we recommend a few days in the saddle 2 weeks prior to your arrival. Physical conditioning is helpful, along with being accustomed to your gear and equipment.


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Each hunting camp will have an english speaking staff member, guides, good food, and supplies. We are dedicated to your success and look to every detail- before and during your hunt. Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable and most importantly eager to do what they can for your success. Prior to the hunt, detailed gear lists and general hunt information are sent to our hunters and we will also help walk you through applying for your US CITES permit. Our US based staff is always available to help with every detail and planning of your hunt.

Accommodations vary within the hunting areas but all will have a base camp for your hunt to begin from. This may be a small house or yurts and will have designated spaces set-up for sleeping, eating and relaxing, outhouse, sauna, etc. Meals include typical fare for the region- everything from Russian stews to Asian stir fry- and are rounded out with a variety of fresh and dried natural foods and breads.

For departure, you will be taken back to the Bishkek airport by one of our staff. Most of our hunters travel home with their trophies with a CITES permit issued for return travel. Keep in mind that to dry trophies for travel, you may need to spend a couple extra days in Bishkek to take care of this – you will also need a US Custom’s Declaration Form 4457 for your firearm before leaving the United States.

We are committed to provide our hunters with a memorable and professional hunting experience, overseeing every detail and aspects of our hunts with care and consideration. We combine all our efforts to give our hunters an incredible trip and opportunity at hunting Marco Polo and Ibex. We look forward to each upcoming season and hope we can help you fulfill your dream of hunting these amazing animals!

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Marco Polo Argali

These sheep, famous for their long spiraling horns have the longest horns of all sheep, with the longest individual horn ever recorded measuring 6.2 ft(1.9 m). The horns follow a coil pattern, with the tips pointed directly away horizontally from the head. Marco Polo are mostly found live in the mountainous regions adjacent to the borders of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and China. Their normal habitat is at elevation ranges from 11,100 to 16,000 ft (3,500 to 4,900 m) above sea level where they are found on the rocky cliffs and mountainsides.


The Ibex is a large and heavily built goat. They are known for their pronounced horns that shoot directly back from their heads and curl in a nearly perfect circular motion. While males are around 35 and 43 in (88 and 110 cm) in shoulder height, and weigh between  130 and 290 lb (60 and 130 kg), females are noticeably smaller. Their herds vary in size depending on the local population but usually 5-30 is very common. They are usually found living at high elevations well above the tree line and sometimes seek out lower slopes during the winter in search of food. When snow is heavy, they have to paw away snow to reach the vegetation below. Their diet primarily consists of alpine grasses and herbs. During spring and summer, grasses and sedges form the bulk of their diet, while during winter they eat more tall herbs, and the twigs. Their fur is also variable, from dark brown to light tan, with some reddish individuals which all make great trophy pieces.

Hunting Dates

Our hunting seasons for Marco Polo and Ibex are in October and November. This is great for light snow showers to bring the animals down from higher elevations and make spotting easier.  Traveling by horseback and with the aid of modern 4Runners makes these hunts very comfortable and limits the physical demands.

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Hunt Locations These amazing hunts take place in the Tian Shan Mountain Range where we hunt some of the finest areas in Kyrgyzstan and provide a great hunting experience to a region that is a true wilderness experience! After flying into Bishkek, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan, hunters will make their way to the hunting locations by car where they will move into a base camp and use sure footed horses for hunts.

Accommodations at Camps Vary

For these hunts we use both cabins or comfortable alpine tents. Some of the cabins are located within a short drive or hike of hunting areas while other camps are higher in altitude and require some horseback travel.

Meals are filling and satisfying, featuring cooked specialty dishes with local charm. Our guides will do all they can to make the experience the most satisfying and comfortable as possible and will provide detailed equipment lists to make sure you come prepared with all the needed gear.