Alaska Trophy Fishing Trips Luxury Fishing in the Alaska Wilderness

World class fishing and recreational opportunities abound in a true wilderness experience here in Alaska. The location of Stonewood Fishing Lodge could not be better—nestled on the shores of beautiful Lake Clark and within the Bristol Bay watershed which is the most productive commercial and sport fishing region in the world. We operate the lodge and our fish camps in the very best available fishing dates that enable us to fish all five Salmon species and the most productive Rainbow Trout and Northern Pike areas. Anglers worldwide view this region as the pinnacle of sport fishing! We also offer fishing trips down at the Pacific Bear Bay lodge on the Alaska Peninsula for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. Untouched waters for halibut, cod, and shark abound and short rivers pour straight from volcanic and glacier clad peaks to make up some of the very best Salmon habitat. At Stonewood Lodge, we look to make each guests stay with us personal, memorable, and fulfilling.

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Alaska’s Stonewood Lodge

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